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Man of Steel - Trailer #2


Geeks have jokingly referred to their basements as “The Batcave” ever since Adam West and Burt Ward slid down those firepoles in the 1960′s. But now a Greenwich, CT man  (A  rich guy from Greenwich? Shocking!) has paid $2 million to quite literally transform his basement into Batman’s subterranean lair – if Batman liked to have the Justice League over to watch Transformers Blu-rays, that is.

The theater was designed by Canadian-based company Elite Home Theater Seating, and features a giant, 180-inch screen; several suits of Batman armor; a bookcase that slides open to reveal a life-size replica of the Tumbler and several Batman-gadgets; a Batman-themed gas fireplace flanked by two “Bat-Computers”; and a private cylindrical stainless steel elevator with glowing Bat-symbol.

You know, this is cool and all, but for $2 million I want Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman suit in the pasenger seat, and I want  to be able to drive that tumbler out of a real secret passage. To hell with this “replica” crap.

The “Batcave” will be completed in November. Here are some CGI renderings of what it will look like. Utterly insane.

New 3D Street Painting for The Dark Knight Rises

If you can’t get enough of those clever street painting illusions, you’re going to love this. To promote the release of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises (which opens Friday, July 20 for the US and the UK), this awesome 3D street art has been unveiled in Madrid, Spain.

One of the very first posters for the movie showed a crumbling Gotham City from below (or looking up) and you could make out the shape of the Batman symbol in the white space. Now, an artist has painted Gotham’s buildings from high above!

Love all this amazing artwork surrounding what’s going to be one epic movie.

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The Dark Knight Rises (13-Minute Preview)

Batman Chocolate / Ice Mold

Product Features:

Make ice shaped like the Batman or Superman logo

Each silicone tray contains 7 molds: 4 large and 3 small

Also great for making jellies, chocolate, and more

Please allow 10 business days for shipping.

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A New Turk: The Multiplicity of Dueling Heroes


With great printing power, comes great possibility. A few years back I got a Epson all-in-one printer, one of those contraptions that lets you scan, print and copy in one nifty little package. It came with special “photo paper” which presumably gave you the ability to print out your own…


So much rising going on this week.