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Better Known As Brooklyn… by Max Vogel

Better Known As Brooklyn alphabet: Screenprint 12X12
Curated by Sixpack at Lazy Dog Gallery Paris France 2007

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Hopworks beer bottle design by Jolby

Hopworks bottle design by JolbyHopworks bottle design by JolbyHopworks bottle design by JolbyHopworks bottle design by Jolby

At Jolby, Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, recently rolled out this sweet brand identity for Hopworks, a Portland based craft beer company. Meant to evoke the look and feel of Belgian design, their custom designed type feels like black letter but with a crisp, contemporary edge.

I think it’s fun how they decided to orient the type sideways, which lets others see what you’re drinking as you drink. I also love the way the gold looks on the brown bottle, always a winning combination. They mention that this is the first of a series, that as Hopworks makes more types of beers they’ll continue to design more bottles. Really looking forward to seeing more great work like this.

By Bobby Solomon


About the Project

I recently had the pleasure of working with the folks at Brunch Box to create an identity system and truck wrap for their new brunch food truck. It was a great learning experience all around. The clients had never really purchased art before, and I had never designed a food truck wrap. We went through a bunch of ideas and when it came down to it, they wanted to reflect the city as it is, gritty and somewhat debauched. I was excited top go this route as the last few jobs i’ve had worked on, the work was incredibly happy and almost utopian in nature. This time i got to draw rooster pimps, drunk gambling pigs wearing only underwear, and a prostitute chicken getting robbed by swine. In other words, it was fun.

Starting With Character

As with any larger scale project, I jump in to the parts that feel the most comfortable. With this project, I knew I wanted to make a seedy brunch world which meant roosters and pigs doing god knows what. Below are the characters that ended up directing the whole concept.

Pimp Ass Rooster

Gamble’n & Losing

Thievin’ the Ho

Identity Exploration

Below are the 3 final Brunch box marks. I wanted to nod to the country side of traditional brunch places while having a little more fun with the lettering.

final logo

mmm that truck smells good

I was trying to go a bit more clean with this one

Other Options

Below are some other concept, characters and sketches I was playing with. There is some fun stuff here that i still like and will probably end up informing something else down the line.

Rooster delivering the goods

Sketch: Brunch farmer on the back of the truck

Sketch: concept to illustrate all of the boxes of food that makes up the Brunch Box.

Sketch: brunch city with victorian mansions where chickens lay their eggs.

Concept illustration for one of the houses for chicken city

Thanks for taking a look through everything. I would love to hear what you think so feel free to comment below.

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